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About 20 American hotels were exposed again to leakage clients’ card information. According to report, the hotels with hacker intrusion include Marriot, Hyatt, InterContinental, Sheraton, Westin, etc.

The hotels expressed, “software with which credit trading data can be grabbed from any sales terminal” were found in hotel system, according to open data, from March last year to June this year, more than 8,000 trades has been impacted.

Huamei consultant organization CKO Zhao Huanyan points out, when consumer uses credit card on the malicious affected terminal, the credit card information has been grabbed; although this won’t cause further economic loss, but information leakage is the first step of stealing money.

It is reported that the hotel has apologized to this issue, and advocated to adopt related security measure, and consumers can rest assured use credit card in hotel. In fact, this is not the first time that hotel brands experience users’ information leakage affair together.

Asked whether the hotel advocated installing software is safe or not, Zhao Huanyan pointed out that the hotels do not have technology advantage compared to professional hackers, the basic solution is the bank changes the present magnetic stripe credit card to chip credit card gradually.

According to related open data, financial IC card, the chip card in often saying, is the upgraded version of magnetic stripe card, which has larger volume(160 times of magnetic stripe card) of information such as keys, digital certificates and fingerprints, with read-write protection and card-reader bidirectional authentication. The chip card is very difficult to copy and has high anti-attacked ability. Moreover, financial IC card is more stable than magnetic stripe card, and cannot be demagnetized easily.

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