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CCTV Consumption Advocacy program purchased 19 brands of 1st period infant formula milk powder of seven countries on internet, and eight of them do not meet the standard of national food security, the disqualification rate reached 42.1 %. (Modern Express 31th July)

Products should meet Chinese standard once they enter Chinese market, and the difference between countries could not be the excuse of disqualification. Actually before this, the disqualification of foreign milk powder already occurs quite commonly. In addition, there are so many security risks with foreign milk powder in aspects such as expiration date, logistic environment, rights protection, etc. This quality testing result undoubtedly alarms the bell for consumers again.

The reason why some people prefer to buy foreign milk powder online is their lack of recognition to China-made milk powder, which stays on the stage of lacking food security supervision. Besides, their recognition to domestic milk powder and foreign milk powder is incomprehensive, so that part consumers follow the trend of purchasing foreign milk powder. However, is foreign milk powder really better than domestic milk powder in quality?

In fact, the Chinese milk powder standard is the strictest in global at present. Since the “historically strictest” new food security law was issued last year, there are enterprises which have been revoked infant formula milk powder license continuously and quit market. The issuance of laws marks that Chinese quality demand to infant milk powder is continuously enhancing. As Consumers, it is necessary for us to realize the current situation of domestic milk powder, pay attention to it and trust it during choosing.

In recent years, along with the continuous development of domestic dairy industry, indeed there are more and more consumers who pay more attention and trust to it. The Two-child Policy brings 20% of increase to domestic milk powder, the huge opportunity in it is undoubtedly.

It is a long term to rebuild consumers brand confidence, and it cannot be overhasty for domestic milk powder enterprises. In the effect of enterprises restructuring merger and acquisitions, market price competition, policy support and others, the concentration ratio of domestic milk powder will improved, the competitiveness will continuously be stronger. From this aspect, the road of domestic milk powder will be broader and broader, ever it is possible to go abroad and occupy the overseas market.

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