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Introduction/ The perfect melon are put on velvet, shown in bulletproof glass box. A watermelon is even auctioned, attracted the riches to buy. What tricks is this fruit store playing?

There is a fruit store named Sembikiya in Tokyo, Japan, which is called the most expensive fruit store in Japan. It just opened eleven stores in 180 years, only selling the most perfect rare fruits.

More and more people get astonished to the store; they come there not for shopping, but for the rare fruits which can only bought in Sembikiya.

To sell fruits as antiques, it overturns the traditional pattern of fruit store.

The store looks like a luxury jewelry store, and the price is not too far from the jewelry price, however it is fruit but not jewelry.

This pattern oversetting tradition makes the riches feel honorable.

Aiming at gift market with reasonable prices

It is better to call Sembikiya a gift store rather than a fruit store. According to figures, 80%-90% of the fruits are bought as gifts. In Japan, it is a tradition to prepare top grade fruits in wedding, business conference and visiting patients.

Behind the rare top grade fruits is a craftsman’s heart

Yubari melons in Sembikiya store are from Jinggang County where the sunlight is the most abundant. They were growing in the specially designed green house with air conditioner system; in summer they were covered by paper hats and in winter there was a heater. Farmers keep one only fruit on a plant to guarantee its taste while the others have been cut off.

Sincerely treat every guest with specific services

Particularly in the flagship store in Mitsui Building, the attractiveness is not only because of the perfect products and the prices, but also the guiding advices.

For example, if you want to buy a melon, the adviser will ask you when you want to eat it. According to your plan, the adviser will recommend you the best one which can reach its perfect taste on the day to be eaten.

Meanwhile, he will also tell you how to preserve the extreme taste to the day to eat it. To those you are not interested in or the best time has been missed, the shop assistant will remind you that the best eating time has passed.

New trans boundary strategy- fruits auction+ fruit theme restaurant+ candy store

Sembikiya does not willingly to sell luxury fruits only, in 1887 it found the first Japanese fruit restaurant, the pioneer of nowadays fruit café, where people can enjoy fresh juices, fruit desserts and sliced fruits.

Besides establishes the online-offline fruit network system, Sembikiya also opens several candy stores, comprehensively starts new trans boundary strategy.

Although fruits in Japan are expensive, it is hard to deny that Sembikiya products are at whopping price.

At all, how expensive are the fruits in this store?

A melon of 1.25 kilo is sold at 12,960 yen. (Approximately RMB 830 Yuan)

A block watermelon is 21,000 yen. (Approximately RMB 1300 Yuan)

A box of eight pieces of fruit jelly is 3996 yen. (Approximately RMB 260 Yuan)

A combination suit box of season fruits costs tens of thousands yen.

(100 yen is approximately equal to RMB 6.4 Yuan; the prices above are including 8% of consumption tax)

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