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A bowl of noodles costs 35 Yuan, do you want to try?

Don’t think it is too expensive, the restaurant can sell more than 23,000 bowls of noodles every month. Recently, this uncommon noodle restaurant in Sanlitun is very popular in Wechat Friend Circle.

The design is honored as one of the global top ten most beautiful store designs by North American famous architecture magazine AZURE and costs more than a million; the food materials are air transported from the original area to Beijing, and the chefs are masters with several decades experiences, hunted from the folk.

But it is just a noodle restaurant. See, noodles!


And noodles…

The design of “scaffold and noodles” is just like “noodles drying shelf” in traditional craft, by the end of last century, the shelves could be seen in Hunan, Sichuan, Hubei and the other places, which is a traditional noodle making craft mainly used to ventilate and dry noodles.

It is perfect for a small noodle restaurant to be so beautiful. The restaurant is named Long Xiao Bao, the “the most cocky rice noodle restaurant in Beijing”. In fact, it is the third restaurant Xiao Zhidan opened. This time, he brings it from Changsha to Beijing at last.

Want to eat? Please wait in line. Long Xiao Bao just starts opening after 5:30 pm.

The beginning of Xiao’s noodle restaurant is just because of a ”Why”.

Why does a bowl of Japanese noodles sell 50 Yuan in China, but Chinese rice noodles only sells more than ten yuan? Why does Chinese snack only hide in streets and lanes with desks and chairs in a mess, regardless beautiful or not?””For example of the Shaoyang Rice Noodles…”Xiao Zhidan is from Shaoyang, Hunan.

The delicious food deserves all the most beautiful things.

Therefore, beginning with Shaoyang Rice Noodles, this guy invented the international famous design team Lukstudio. Thus, in Changsha last year, there was the rice noodle restaurant with beautiful looking.

A noodle restaurant of 50 square meters is quiet but attracting.

In tiers upon tiers of iron shelves, wooden boxes with china in are inlayed.

Steel wires of “noodles”are elegantly saged,

reflect the bulb warm light,

think about sitting under this noodles drying shelf,

it is poetry enough even if not starting to eat.

A noodle restaurant only with good looking is not enough, the taste is the most important in Xiao’s consideration.

In Xiao Zhidan’s opinion, at this time, bouquet maybe indeed afraid of deep lanes, why there is so many traditional foods which cannot go out?

Delicious foods have feet, it can go to the world proudly. Perhaps one day it will occur in American street~”

This 28 years old young man wants to inherit the rice noodles cooking skill of several decades of years, he wants to make more and more people accept the craft that folk food craftsmen have been busy with for a lifetime.

Pictures and video screenshots are from @Long Xiao Bao Foods

Wish that one day, the happiness that we can imagine,

is no longer just café,

besides, there are steamed bun restaurant, dumpling restaurant, wonton restaurant…

We have reason to believe,

the old Chinese traditional flavor,

cannot merely exists in streets and lanes,

as well it will go to the world little by little.

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