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In time that everyone is we media, the audience’s appetite mobilization is harder and harder, many enterprises start to find a new advertising method, embedded advertisement can strengthen the

After all the people discussing the embedded advertisement in Ode to Joy, the embedded advertisement in recently hit TV drama To Be a Better Man also causes hot discussion in industry. Let’s discuss the embedded brands in this TV drama.

LU Yuan is a Michelin three stars chef living in America which is acted by SUN Honglei. As cooking plot is necessary, it is a shame to the script if kitchen condiment advertisements are not embedded.

From billionaire to rebellious maid, they all like to use Letv Mobile phone, as well as the TV set, it deserves to be a Letv invested TV play.

Tmall supermarket occupied the display screen by roadside, it seems that Tmall is going to open the physical store at the first sight.

In editor’s view the best embedded advertisement in To Be a Better Man is Mengniu Chunzhen Yoghurt; it did lots of lessons on brand:

Blending in the plot

Besides the emotional scenes, the more attracting plot in To Be a Better Man is Michelin three stars chef LU Yuan’s cooking skill. In the whole drama they are always eating sorts of delicious foods, even it can be smelt through the screen.

The message of Chunzhen is “the good taste without additive is pure”, breakfasts and snacks are also Chunzhen Yoghurt exactly occurs in, it is perfect!

Promoting plotdevelopment

Xiaocai fell in love with Jiahe at the first sight, he took the first step by Chunzhen, captured the pure girl’s heart successfully.

LU Yuan’s failing to pretend a vegetable and taunting Xiaocai provoked Jiahe, he begged Jiahe’s pardon by Chunzhen Yoghurt at last.

JIANG Lai crazily fell in love with LU Yuan but LU avoided her. JIANG tried various kinds of methods but failed, and then she carried a box of Chunzhen to visit Grandma Peng, then successfully entered Peng’s door.

It seems that after To Be a Better Man, Chunzhen Yoghurt will become a magical tool to capture a lady’s (a man’s) heart.

Catering protagonist’ s character

Chunzhen Yoghurt appears most frequently together with Jiahe. Beginning with the first breakfast after coming back to homeland, Chunzhen has becomes the standard configuration of this national daughter. It accompanies the metamorphosis of Jiahe from a rebellious, indifferent and aggressive girl to a pure maid, which quite matches the pure idea of Chunzhen.

As a foodie, Jiahe drinks Chunzhen while quarreling, as well as calling. Foodies share the same feeling about this, isn’t it me!

Of course, a good embedded advertisement is not as simple as to be shown on the TV screen; furthermore it needs the comprehensive integrating ability of online social contact media and offline

This is how to become a “screen master” in TV play, have you got it?

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