Independent Brand Emotion

On June 20th, the General Office of the State Council issued the [2016] No. 44 Document of Opinions on Playing a Leading Role of Brand and Promoting Supply-Demand Structure Upgrade, in which the set-up of “China Brand Day” is particularly put forward, that we should propagandize famous independent brands, cultivate the independent brand emotion of consumers, play a good role of industry association bridge, strengthen the capability construction of intermediary organization.

According to the indication of the General Office of the State Council and the technological advantage of Asia Brands Group systematic services in a decade and the advantages of Asia Brands Ceremony platform, Asia Brands Group initiator and CEO WANG Jiangong invites the people’s Daily Overseas Edition and Xinhuamet to ally 99 excellent national brand entrepreneurs to initiate that we set up the annual September 9th as “China Brand Day”, bring a hot trend of national brands independence and innovation.

Behind the initiative of “China Brand Day” is a dream of brand powering nation that Asia Brands adheres to for a decade: Ten years ago, when WANG Jiangong stepped onto the land of Hong Kong for the first time and stayed at the hotel in Victoria Habour, looking ahead he found that there were foreign famous brand logos in the whole Victoria Harbour, an impulsion was risen in his mind that he wanted to gather the Asia Brand managers and entrepreneurs together in an annual regular day, to explore the method of brand management and to advance entrepreneurs’ consciousness of brand decision making and brand managing level, and what is the most important is to improve our national brand value.

Early in 2005, WANG Jiangong began the market survey, he travelled around the Europe and deeply felt the difference between the Chinese and the western about the brand management, brand value and brand connotation, which stimulated him. When accepting an interview of the Phoenix Satellite Television, he said: “The product price ratio of Chinese to Euro-American is six to one, if an exported product is one Yuan, it sells at six Yuan abroad, just as we always sell one product and give six for free, but why can’t we sell at six Yuan? This is our pricing ability and what decides it? Brand. No brand, no high pricing ability.”

Reviewing the development history of Asia Brands, eleven years earlier the leader and pioneer of Asia Brands WANG Jiangong has already considered and laid out the long-term development of Chinese independent brands. Nowadays, Asia Brands has already become a brand servicing and researching authority organization which owns independent intellectual properties and patents, offers systematic brand services for Asian enterprises by three modules of brand value-added service, brand evaluation and brand trade.

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