On May 8th, Asia Brands Executive Chairman delivered a speech in “2016 China Brands Innovation Forum & National May Day Brand Construction Award Selection Activity”, and the text is as follow:

Respectful leaders, guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Good Morning! I am very glad to gather here with you today. I represent my colleagues of Asia Brands to warmly welcome your presence.

One year ago, almost at the same time and same place, we gathered together for the first time in “2015 National May Day Brand Construction Award Selection Activity” and discussed the issues of what is brand and how to establish national brands in the economic environment at that time.

One year later, in the new situation of “13th Five-year Plan” launching, I am willing to share “brand economy” and “craftsman spirit”, persisting craftsman spirit in brand economy times will open a delicate era, and we are the witnesses and performers of this new coming era.

Along with economic globalization, brand has become the focus of global economic and technologic competition, an important mark of core competitiveness of an enterprise even a country. As a new strategic resource, a brand integrated comprehensive abilities of quality, technology, management, culture, integrity and so on, it is an effective bridge linking the demand side and supply side, an important tool of accelerating supply side structural reform, and this is the power of brand economy.

At present, China has become the first place manufacturing and exporting large country in the world, however the “large” has not brought “strong”, China is still a brand weak country, lacking of world top brands and brand premium capability. Calculating by global famous brands in every thousand billion dollars GDP, Chinese number is 2.99, that is a thousand billion dollars value corresponds 2.99 world famous brands, while Japan is 9.13, America is 10.45, Switzerland is furthermore 27.72. Our country’s brand economic development has a long way to go.

The reasons which cause the situation of Chinese brand weakness are varied, and the most direct reason is there is a distance between our products and services and world brands. An organization made a survey on the domestic and overseas consumers and found that feelings of Chinese products are about the low price and large manufacturing scale, but a negative cognition on safety, quality, reliability, design ability and social responsibility, etc.

Every time model represents the advanced productivity and spirit energy of this time. And in brand economy time, “National May Day Construction Award Selection Activity” uses its own way to select annual models in brand field, who strive for sticking to handicrafts man’s spirit, for setting an example of national brand and for powering the nation by brands.

As the organizer of this event, Asia Brands congratulates the candidate enterprises of “National May Day Brand Construction Award”, because of your persistence China has the opportunity to become a brand powerful nation and has the chance to start a delicate era. In the future, Asia Brands will accompany Chinese brands development and growing with three businesses of brand add-value service, evaluation and trade management.

Thank you!

May 8th, 2016

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