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China News 22nd July: Recently, the Fortune released 2016 the World Top 500, Evergrande enters the list by operating revenue of 21.184 billion dollars. On the same day, Evergrande announced that the company formally renamed to “China Evergrande Group”, the stock abbreviation changed from “Evergrande Real Estate” to “China Evergrande”.

It is learned that the World Top 500 is released by American the Fortune once a year; it is an important index to estimate enterprise power, scale and international competitiveness. While large-scale national enterprises such as Sinopec, PetroChina and State Grid Cooperation of China continuously list in front rank; Evergrande is one of the rare China private enterprises ranking in the list.

Private enterprises are important power in national economic continuous and healthy development; the ranking of Evergrande shows the more and more important status of Chinese private enterprises in international economic development. In the meantime that real estate sales keeps increasing rapidly, the renaming signifies the multiple industries of Evergrande will continuously be larger and stronger; its ranking in the World Top 500 may rise steadily.

Data displays, Evergrande core indexes keep rapidly increasing in recent years, its operating revenue is 133.13 billion, increasing over 20 times comparing to 5.72 billion of 2009 when listed, and about 30% annual growth rate is much higher than the average level in industry. Operating indexes such as total assets, sales and net profits also promote a lot. Since listing the total assets compound growth rate is 52%, while 57.9% of net profit compound growth rate is also in far front of the industry.

Furthermore, in the meantime of pursuing economic benefits, actively fulfilling social responsibility is the common character of most World Top 500 enterprises. As an upstart of World Top 500, Evergrande actively returns to society with donation of over three billion in 20 years totally. Since 1st December of last year, Evergrande has started to help Dafang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province; it plans to donate three billion in three years and realize 180,000 poor people in Dafang County steadily gets rid of poverty till the end of 2018.

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