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Not long ago, as a manager of Asia Brands Top 500 listing enterprise and one of “Asia Brands Top Ten Distinguished Leaders”, Chairman Lai Xiaomin of China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. said in an interview that China is a rising large country of capital outputting and foreign investment, it’s a good time for Chinese capital goes out and foreign capital goes in.

Research predicts that the Asia may become a capital net outputting area, and the Europe and North America may become the capital net inputting areas respectively in 2017 and 2019, the pattern of global capital flow is changing. ”Our country’s capital is also facing going out, and many enterprises are doing so.” Lai Xiaomin said, the country’s foreign investment can generally be separated into three stages, the first is from the beginning of 80’s in last century to the year of 2000, the initial stage of Chinese foreign investment; the second stage is from 2001 to 2008, the rapidly increasing investment stage with investment balance of over ten billion dollars; the third stage is from 2009 till now, with performance in the rapid increase of direct investment, over 100 billion only from 2014 to 2015, and over 1000 billion investment balance till 2015.

Nowadays, there are so many successful examples of our country’s foreign investment “go out” strategy, for instance, the Lenovo acquired the PC business of IBM, now Lenovo has become the biggest PC supplier in the world; as a private enterprise, the Gionee acquired the “big elephant” Vovol; the Haier Group acquired appliance business of GE. Lai Xiaomin considers that the country adjusts economic structure in a large degree; consumption occupied 50.4% in the growth contribution rate of GDP last year, while the whole service industry occupied 66.4% in GDP. Therefore, he suggests that for enterprises, the next step of foreign investment is not the about the issue of financing, but in a large degree, an issue of technique and capital cooperation, the technological optimization and market occupying. Meanwhile, brand strengthening is an important support of the “go out” strategy.

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