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In the theme culturesalon of The Power of Culture Awakening,the New Energy of Chinese Enterprises, Co-chairman of Asia Brands Presidiumand Curator of Shenyu Museum Wang Weibin wrote a poem to discuss the cultureawakening again. He has cultivated in cultural industry for eight years sincehe became attached to jade by accident a dozen years ago, persisted and practiceda big wish: promoting Chinese jade culture.

Culture of Jade

Before jade forms, it experiences winds and storms, absorbs the essence of sky and earth, it is the sarira of the ground, the jewelry of society, and the spiritual treasure of the universe. When the civilization originated from Xia, Shang and Zhou, the ancients used a cyan jade with hole in center to worship the sky, a yellow squared jade to worship the earth, and the Gui, Zhang, Huang and Hu to respectively worship the four directions; jade is the earliest ritual article. The development of jade culture experiences Wuyu era, Wangyu era and Minyu era, from returning the jade to the State of Zhao, to the gold inlaid with jade on Olympics, jade culture is the only continuous culture in 5,000 Chinese culture histories.

Shenyu Museum

Every object in Shenyu Museum is a great object. Every object has its vitality, while been carved exquisitely and vividly depended on their sizes and shapes, they implied fine meanings, combined the Chinese traditional culture and arts. By carefully tasting you will find that these collections promote cultures, inherit civilization, they are emotional sustenance, thought expression and spiritual sublimation. “I think I am just a guardian, and these treasures are belonging to society, the country and the whole Chinese nation. It is my responsibility to discover the ethnic culture and arts essence from the collections, so we established a public benefit museum, freely open to society in near eight years, received more than 100,000 audiences.”We deem that the revival of a nation depends on the revival of spirit, the revival of spirit depends on the revival of civilization, and revival of civilization depends on the revival of culture. Culture needs not only a carrier but also a symbol, and the jade is exactly the carrier and symbol.

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