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At pm seven o’clock of 20th July in 2016, the newest World Top 500 was globally released by the Fortune. With operating revenue of 41.845 billion dollars, China CEFC Energy Company Limited (CEFC CHINA) ranks in No. 229. This is the third time that CEFC CHINA continuously enters the World Top 500 with ranking rising year by year. This time it enters the top 300, increases 113 compared to last year.

As the only Shanghai private enterprise, why does CEFC CHINA continuously enter the Fortune World Top 500 for three years and rise so rapidly?

In recent years, led by the chairman of the board Ye Jianming, CEFC CHINA establishes the organized international energy investment bank and investment group, forms its international brand influence with the core of obtaining overseas resources.

In energy area, CEFC lays oil and gas terminals in Europe, owns more than 1,000 gas stations and 100 transfer stations in countries along the Mediterranean and the Black Sea such as France, Spain, Romania and others, forms large scale oil gas terminals combining refining, processing, storing, transporting and selling. CEFC grasps the opportunity of low international oil price, relies on its own terminals, continuously expands the upstream oil gas resources in Abu Dhabi, Chad and Kazakhstan, invests in oil gas blocks, obtains stable long term oil supply, meanwhile establishes large scale oil storage base in domestic ports of Yangpu Hainan, Rizhao Shandong, Zhuhai Guangdong, Jingjiang Jiangsu and others, reaches strategic cooperation with Abu Dhabi National Oil Co., establishes oil transit and storage base in Fujairah, owns oil gas transfer station in Kazakhstan, and oil storage facilities, Batumi Port shipping logistic facilities in Georgia, promotes the logistic cooperation with ports of Rizhao, Dalian and Yingkou through the investment in basic logistic facilities in Central Asia, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean, founds China Railway Central Asia Logistic Corporation with China Railway, carries out the railway transportation of liquefied natural gas, stores and sells buoyancy module oil basing on Singapore with CSSC, links domestic and overseas markets. CEFC also actively expands the Southeast Asia market of petroleum products sales with cooperative partners.

As is well-known, petroleum industry is capital intensive, while developing in resource field, CEFC CHINA explores a finance and resource integrative development road, it has already established a diversified financial platform of bank, security, finance, futures, trust, capital management, funds and others, obtained full financial license, promoted industry strategic development of corporation by the strong self-owed financial system.

CEFC finance business also expands to the overseas market. In March of 2016, under the witness of the heads of China and Czech, CEFC CHINA became the share holder of Czech J&T Bank, the first Chinese private enterprise holding a European bank. CEFC CHINA has already set up the second headquarters in Czech, carries out international banking investment pivoting in Czech, promotes the interaction between domestic and overseas markets, powers domestic industry upgrading and supply-side structural reform, wins wide international praise. The chairman of the board Ye Jianming has been engaged as the President economic counselor by President Zeman of Czech.

It is learned that recently CEFC CHINA has reached strategic cooperation with Georgia. It will set up headquarters in Georgia and establish Euro-Asia Group Corporation, further promote Euro-Asia linkage, strengthen the oil gas resources integration of Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia relying on the geographic advantage of Georgia. Along with the continuous getting through of strategic nodes, CEFC CHINA has become an international resource investment bank with strong international competitiveness, shown the accumulated sustained power.

CEFC CHINA chairman of the board Ye Jianming says, CEFC CHINA establishes the organized international resource industry investment bank and investment group under the strategy of obtaining overseas resources, sets up the Europe headquarters and Euro-Asia headquarters respectively in Czech and Georgia, expands upstream oil gas resources and stock rights based in Europe, structures full license of financial systematic servicing industry strategy, realizes the rapid growth of double profits in logistics and finance, enters the World Top 500 in continuous three years, enhances 120 from the beginning, shows not only the power of international and marketized professional team and the strong ability of background risk control, but also the organizing advantage with the core of One Enterprise, Two Systems and Three Relationships in a collective ownership private enterprise of CEFC CHINA.

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