Recently the popular voice question and answer platform 「Fenda」 launched a 「Life Fenda」 relay race, brought an ahead question to all lives- if life lefts only the last 60 seconds, what do you want to say?

「Life Fenda」 launches a deep thinking of life and death, helps the congenital heart disease children.

「Fenda」 launches 「Life Fenda」 activity, beginning with the originator of Ji Shisan, famous writer Zhou Guoping and logic thinking originator Mr. Luo Zhenyu. Later Key Opinion Leaders in varieties of fields such as Wang Feng, Ma Dong, Zhang Xiaoxian, Dou Wentao, Li Yinhe, Zuo Xiaozuzhou, etc.


Looking back my life, I pursue beauty and love all the time, now my pursuit ends, I can walk away quietly into thorough empty space.

-LI Yinhe 丨 Socialist
I hope in the last 60 seconds, I can tell the university frankly and loudly, 「I was really damn hardworking! 」
-JI Shisan 丨 originator, investor

KOLs participating in 「Life Fenda」 accurately grasps the contemporary people’s feature of lacking life thinking, meets the need of users in emotional level, but puts the platform attribute of「Fenda」 away, and this thinking of life is just the emotional vacancies of contemporary people.

From a meaningful TVC to love relay, it seamless blends the platform of 「Fenda」 and the product feature. Undoubtedly it establishes the recognition and good impression of 「Fenda」 in users’ mind, forms a virtuous circle, and balances the long-term relationship between the answers and users of 「Fenda」 platform.



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