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Introduction: Starting a business is a process of a dog growing up to a wolf. Once you get used to a wolf’s life, it is almost impossible to return to the dog’s status.

Starting a business needs action, it does not function to read books only. Practice is far more important than theory on the road of starting a business, of course, it is better to have a theory.

To start a business is like to swim, you need to jump into the water, but one caution, if you cannot swim and jump into the ocean, you will be drowned if there is no one to save you. You are expected to start from a swimming pool where your feet can touch the bottom and learn it step by step, then to the river, the pool, and the center of the Yangtse River, then the ocean. Starting a business is a progressive process like this, of course if there is a person like me to help (invest to) you, you can be bolder.

There are two elements in starting a business.

First, you must start from a place which is safe to you.

Starting a business is not a matter which can rise straight from the ground, but a matter done from the very beginning; however, if your starting point is better, you can be bolder, take out your business plan and model, tell us (the investor) that you can be a good swimmer, persuade us, then we can arrange you a swimming pool even the ocean, protect you, at last you swim there, this is our investor’s role. We regard ourselves as coaches, but at first you need to jump into the water, which is the first element.

Second, there is hardly a road back once it starts.

It’s very simple, I think starting a business is a process of a dog growing up to a wolf. You are always in a safe scope as you studying in school from childhood, and starting a business is just like to be thrown from the swimming pool into the ocean, once you get used to the ocean, you will not choose the swimming pool again, for example, if there is one more chance I will still choose to quit and start a business. Until I quit from Peking University, I did not discover a larger ocean outside the campus, a world where I can struggle for a larger dream. MA Yun’s Alibaba is the fifth enterprise he had done, after the four former ones failed, did he went back to be a teacher? No, because he has already been ambitious.

Once you get used to a wolf’s life, it is almost impossible to return to the dog’s status, and I encourage the status because a life is a kind of expansion, excitement, and exploration on an unknown road, where one and another surprises can be encountered, accompanied with lots of difficulties and hardships.

According to the final conclusion of American psychology, if a person encounters difficulties, hardships and desperations in the striving way, he/she will develop a strong ability, which is hardly not to cultivated after he/she swim in the wild ocean. I conclude that all the setbacks in my life bring me the benefits, for example I failed for two times in college entrance examinations for even entering a junior college, and therefore you see sometimes an opposite affair is another new expression on your living road.

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