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A year ago I delivered The Previous and Present Life of Sogou Input, shared the logic of products. This time I was invited again and I made a new PPT. Instead of talking about phenomena, I prefer to share the thought from the bottom of my heart; I hope it works in promoting the change of your world view by a little.

01 To accept mysteries and dig the rules behind in a tolerantattitude.

At first let’s take a look at a “mystery”- a vanilla ice cream allergic Ford car. Ford Company was complained by a customer that his car was allergic to vanilla ice cream, it could not get start every time after he bought vanilla ice cream from supermarket, but it was ok after buying mango or chocolate ice creams. Customer center thought it was tricking and did not pay attention to it until the fifth complaint. A technical engineer volunteered to buy ice cream with him, and the result was as same as what was said.

Why? After many times of test, the repair factory explained this mystery at last: There was some troubles with this car, once flameout it took five minutes to start again, the sales of mango and chocolate ice creams were so well that people had to queue at least for five minutes, so there was no problem, while vanilla ones was not as good as the others in sales, so it only took three minutes to buy, this time was not enough for car system heat dissipation, so it could not start immediately.

For me the biggest enlightenment of this case is: to respect the users’ demands, do not perorate in rash, tolerate and accept more to mysteries, perhaps accidentally you can dig out a bigger rule and find a new method.

02 The common essence of an enterprise and a life is to survive.

If a life is in front of you, how do you define it? College of Santa Fe defined it like this: with relatively stable character and the ability of self replication. Replication is a very essential matter in life, and stable character is another rule, it has antergic ability to keep intact. A more popular word of relatively stable character is “existence”, life can self replicate to have more existence, what is the nature of life? To make oneself exist.

Comparing a company to a person, the common nature of them is to live and exist. Thus I call life as the desire of living or surviving, it is same for both a person and a company.

The second common place is they both have metabolism, they have the same issues with getting fat, old and breeding, the issues of subsidiary company, variation and evolving. Person needs to clear cells or the body continually, as same as the people come and go in a company, a person should be patched after the former leaves, thus with resources consuming a company grows gradually.

After a company becomes bigger, the staffs will not in the same mind with the boss. The biggest hopes of staffs are promotion and raise, doing more things and managing more people, which are not according with the company’s benefit. Everyone wants to do more things and manage more people because he/she needs individual surviving and development, and when his/her consideration is not the surviving and development of integrated company, thus the company begins to be bloated.

Therefore, if we observe everything in world in a life’s view and find the common points among lives, we can understand the operation of ourselves and the world better. A company and a country also exist like lives, after we understand the lives, we can discover the commonness from the bottoms of them.

03 To survive, a company needs to study from the “life”.

Here I will mention a concept- a company needs to study from the “life” and human. For how to do, I listed the rough directions:

1. A company does not need to join in the white-hot competition too much. When the competition is intense, we will change our genes and do something which is not so kind or not aiming at the future. Competition is an injuring affair, too much competition is not so well because there is loss in it which makes company suffering.

2. To study the openness from life. The staffs in our company prefer to work inside the company and report to their leaders everyday; however, I’d like them to go out and contact with clients and investors, to exchange with other companies.

3. To control staffs amount, lose weight and deprocessize. To control the scale is a key affair, a small company is difficult to recruit, while the big one is still, but to control staffs amount is more important, otherwise it will be bloated.

4. To combine with market, break reporting relationship. It is better to report to boss than to process, and better to report to market than to boss. It can be tested in market and release everyone’s ability.

5. To control the process of aging, slow down promotion and raises, establish subsidiary cooperation. Many people must not be happy when hearing slowing down promotion and raises, everyone hopes a faster promotion and raise, however the speed must match with staffs growing and adjustment by aims. If a project is well done, in HR professional field, instead of raises, the project is willing to pay them more premiums.

In recent years, some enterprises founded by 80’s and 90’s are excellent, and more subsidiaries like them should be established. One day people have to die, life endows us capabilities during evolution, makes us assist our descendants as far as possible before aging, inherits and gives them more freedom and independence.

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