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In the Rio Olympic Games track cycling women’s teams sprint final, China GONG Jinjie and ZHONG Tianshi realized cycle race gold metal zero breakthrough, and smoothly refreshed the world record set by themselves. Besides the two champions’ brilliant performances, their helmets grabbed the audiences’ attentions too. The two helmets have Chinese elements, and under the protection of the Chinese elements Chinese team did not make the mistake four years ago any longer and won the gold metal successfully. Please read the story of the three helmets as follows


Four years ago, the women’s team speed competition got only second place because of foul, which is the most painful memory of Chinese cycle racing on Olympic stage. Four years later, Chinese cycle team staged a comeback from the head, a Guangzhou studio- Incolor customized helmet paintings for the three athletes.

The originality of helmet painting is from ZHANG Dongliang and DING Jieyi (Jiumei) of the team. The Olympic Game is the international highest sports event, in which the athlete identify is especially important, and the “armour” with Chinese elements crushed the opponents in vigour.

Red, auspicious clouds and peonies are super common Chinese elements. But this time Incolor boldly used facial makeup- one of the Chinese cultural quintessence Peking Opera as the helmet theme. The roles of facial makeup are the particular key point, which decides the helmet’s spirit. At last, three Chinese classic historical hero images came into people’s sights.

“Mu Guiying”- Gong Jinjie.。She stands for bravery, rich battlefield experiences and victory.

“Hua Mulan”- ZHONG Tianshi. 。“ZHONG Tianshi is only 25 years old, which is the youngest and most wonderful blossom age in one’s life. However she chose a different way from other girls, from the year of twelve, she devoted her best youth to cycle and the country.

XU Chao (ZHANG Fei),,honest and frank, has a clear cut stand on what to love and what to hate, brave and battlewise.

To embellish the painting, XU Chao’s helmet adopts auspicious clouds, which makes the sense of Chinese elements more strong and non-monotonous. ZHONG Tianshi and GONG Jinjie’s helmets are painted with violet peony petals, implies this Olympic journey of Chinese team will be as brilliant as blooming flowers. In back of everyone’s helmet there is the family name, written with atrous calligraphy.

Manufacturing process:

Originally, it is a normal KASK BAMBINO

The staff was painting a draft on helmet, at the same time considering the designing plan.

After confirming plan, remove the original painting off the helmet.

The rest process is similar to the other Incolor customizing painting process.

Design stage. Every member expressed their opinion, at last Jiumei’s design inspiration was adopted, themed with facial makeup, combined of individuality and historical figure, embellished with various kinds of Chinese elements and shown national heroes’ elegant demeanours.


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