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The 16th Anniversary Celebration “Light•Future” of Asia Brands presidium unit Lightness Group was grandly held on 4th August. Asia Brands Originator and CEO Wang Jiangong went to Guangzhou to congratulate.

Asia Brands Originator & CEO Wang Jiangong (left) and Lightness Group Chairman Yan Shaofeng (right)

As the vice chairman of Asia Brands Presidium, Lightness Group Chairman Yan Shaofeng has walked with Asia Brands hand in hand for many years. Highly regarding to the concept of “Brand Wins the Future” and the pursuit of “Authoritative, Professionalization and Internationalization”, Yan has accompanied and supported to “Asia Brands” on its continuously growing road.

Asia Brands Presidium member is not only the think tank of “Asia Brands”, but also the comrade in arms gathered by the hope of building Asian powerful brand and promoting Asian economic development.

The Presidium members also include the brand leaders in various industries and areas such as the director of 11th NPC Ethnic Affairs Committee Ma Qizhi, member of the National Committee of CPPCC, Linda Investment Group Chairman Li Xiaolin, CITIC Guoan Group Chairman Wu Guodi, Century Golden Resources Group Chairman Huang Rulun, H.Brothers Chairman Wang zhongjun, etc.

Sticking to Brand Power • Pursuing Infinite Possibility

On the Celebration

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