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On 8th to 10th of September, the curtain of 11th Asia Brands Ceremony will be raised. Through a decade years of accumulation, Asia Brands Ceremony has become an important platform for enterprises to promoting brands, exchanging, enhancing brand influence, honored as Asian brand annual “Oscar” by industry.

A decade years of brand perseverance stems from the brand dream of Asia Brands Originator and CEO Wang Jiangong,furthermore it cannot be separated from the encouragements and supports of leaders from all circles. Thanks for the hardship, perseverance, moved and unforgettable experiences in the past ten years, thanks for the recognition and accompanying to “Asia Brands” of friends from all circles.

Inscription of Wang Pingsheng, the President of China Economic Herald of National Development and Reform Commission

Inscription of Wang Hao, the Chief Executive of Chaoyang District of Beijing, the former chairman of Beijing Capital Group

Inscription of Jia Minghui, the Executive Chairman of Asia Brands Presidium

Inscription of Manish Goel, the President of Indian Industries Association

Inscription of Zheng Guangyao, the Chief Business Officer of Macao Cable Television

nscription of Gong Zhongxin, the Executive Director of Chinachem Group, Vice Chairman of Asia Brands Presidium

In the year of 2016, “Asia Brands” starts a new decade. The first decade is full of growing happiness and expectation, while the second, the passion and belief to dreams. Asia Brands ardently hopes that we will still move on hand in hand on the road of brand in the coming decade.

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