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For an enterprise, the trademark right protection is very important. It is concerning brand development and enterprise influence, which needs great attention.

New Balance

In the afternoon of June 23rd in 2016, Guangdong Higher People’s Court publicly sentenced New Balance trademark right dispute case, judged New Balance Company and Shengshi Company to cease the infringement of “Balance”and “New Balance” registered trademark right.

Heng Yuan Xiang accused Puma “Sheep Head” trademark infringement.

Heng Yuan Xiang, which Shanghai people are quite familiar with, is an old brand of cashmere products, while Puma is a foreign brand mainly engaging in sports goods, however, these two totally unrelated brands went to court because of the trademark issue. In April of 2016, by the reason of Puma Company Sheep Year mark infringing its trademark right, Heng Yuan Xiang accused Puma Shanghai Company and Foshan Company, claimed for a compensation of 12 millions.

Shanghai Qualcomm accused American Qualcomm of infringing its trademark right.

On May 17th of 2016, the trademark right dispute case of shanghai Qualcomm Semiconductor Co., Ltd. accused three defendants of Qualcomm Incorporated and others was judged in Shanghai Higher People’s Court.

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