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In 2016, a short video trend represented by Papi Jiang brings many online celebrities. In the background of mobile Internet, through the fast spread of various new media social networks and platforms, a mass of online celebrities raises a new trend.

The present fresh food market needs brands with enough high value, logistics services with enough efficiency, cold storage management with enough large scope, shopping service with enough high standard, product categories with multiple dimensions, operating attitude not afraid of making mistakes, and tolerance of low sales. However, online celebrity lives could only efficiently meet the needs of the first point and the sixth point.

With the rising situation of “Internet+” Time, various fresh food e-commercial platforms emerge like mushrooms after rain, it looks to have a bright future, but actually hard to step forward, because most of them have only categories but no brands. Internet makes everyone want to show themselves, but the key point of branding is to satisfy the expressional desire of consumers. Brand will no longer accumulates the so-called culture by traditional method and time, but attracts users to pursue products by unknown concept. The Internet time is a brand fast changing time. As well Asia Brand will create a new brand pattern in this new Internet time.

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