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“Famous brand, Baleno!”

This is a famous line of stupid thief HUANG Bo in the comedy movie Crazy Stone, 2006. With the laughter in theatre that year, the brand reputation of “Baleno” also spread through the whole country.

Under the situation of fair price fast fashion brand channel submerging and online shopping sharing the lower-end costume market, Baleno was sold, does it real come to an end? Then, what causes it?

It is learned that there are only 43 shops in its original area Hong Kong, 54 shops in Shanghai, and 56 in Beijing. Although in headquarters Guangzhou there are more, this brand is out of sight in main shopping malls, replacing by small shops in curbsides. Up to September 30th 2015, the amount of Banelo shop reduced to 2849.

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Knocked out off core business area, the offline predicament of Baleno is undoubted, besides, on the way of online shopping, Baleno is also hard to break through.

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