SUN Yang has won the gold metal!

In Olympic swimming pool, in the men’s 200m freestyle final, with a score of 1min 44 sec 65, he showed the king demeanor!

Before, SUN Yang failed the Australia athlete Horton , who satirized him as “a taking pills cheater”

To this, SUN Yang declared, “1500-metre, I am the king, I am the new world. ”

However, on the “crown” of the king, 361° was high above, attracted the sights of whole world.

Love one more degree, SUN Yang made 361° steal the scene 360° without dead angel.

Real amazing!

About brand advertisement, the originator DING Wuhao said:

“I don’t care whether the slogans are agreed or not, the precondition is to be spoken out and attracted people’s attention.”


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