As a loss leader, live Industry is facing its first shuffle.

Live online platform may remain one tenth only.

From last year, live video moves to the wind gap of mobile Internet. However, How does this industry profit, which is pursued by mass of entrepreneurs and hot money, is the biggest pain spot. Many people in Internet complain that along with tycoons’ participation and supervision upgrade, live industry probably faces the first cruel big shuffle just like the video and group purchasing networks at that time, the online live platform may remain 20-30 at last.

How popular the live is? On August 20th, after ZHANG Jike finished the Olympic journey and returned to China, Huajiao exclusively lived it, huge popularity caused network congestion, and even led the server broken, before it, NING Zetao guested in Wangyi Live which attracted 4.776 millions of users. Besides, Olympic stars like SU Bingtian, ZHANG Peimeng and China women’s relay team have also guested in lives.

Vhall Live originator and CEO LIN Yanting points out that live service which was born of show mode has natural disadvantages, at present it is still in the stage of loss-leader without a clear profit mode.

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